Saturday, January 17

How's it done

© Karen Middleton - S.Xmas_pixie

This first graphic\image is that from the online digital selection by Karen Middleton, google, but there is a link below on another of hers, her work is varied but a joy just to look through - you'll never come away without a must have.  

From the first image, I have given it a light blue background with a white blur behind the baubles. The programme I use is Paintshop Pro 5.  Then from image two, the programme has produced a repeat as a pattern.  I have then placed image two on image three, to produce the last and final one.

I have however added some borders which can be seen on the final card.

Needless to say with all the artwork at your finger tips, it's very easy to produce a matching insert for the card, to make it complete.

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