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But this is taken from the first post where I've mentioned them

The Basic plain punch is EK Success.  Prior to that punch I actually had a set of C&C butterflies, about four in the layering set with matching corner punch & some embossing punch. Unfortunately the sets with others costing about £30 at the time, were short lived.  But it was the start of my layering, wiring and using beads.  I have also used Pergomano (hope that's spelt right) parchment, since it's thick and can be worked & picked.

''The butterfly is layered, meri-type card with printed flower paper on top,  the flower wire is fed with seed beads the tail finally made by winding the wire around a needle, actually it's a picking tool for from my Knitting Machine days and as you can see is tapered can't think of many substitutes , perhaps a Crochet hook.  Fiddly but fun! ''  
Apart from the various materials meri, card, paper and velum,  punching out printed butterflies or patterns is easily achieve with a punch rather than a die cut.  So you can get many matching effects.
I have to say if ever this punch died a death, it would be a must have replacement.
I'll look out for a link where they can be purchased from,  I know at the time I had to look around, I must have saved the information somewhere.

This is not my original supplier, but as it turns out one of my favs - and when I do a list this one will certainly will be on it,  the punch is £12.99  (I think I'll buy another next time I'm shopping there)

Seed beads can be purchased anywhere, but look out particularly in the £pound shop or children's section at the Range

The flower wire, available in several colours,  flower making\florist section of Hobbycraft it's on a reel and in crinkled, I have found it elsewhere.