Using templates

These are usually in .jpeg format, which are common.

Right click, select ''save as''
Download to a place on your computer, desktop or a folder of your choice

If you use them in a graphics programme, you probably have configured your computer, which programme you wish them to open.  You could use Paint

If you want to use them in a word processor,  then open the word processor FIRST, then insert.  You can resize.  But of course if you over resize they will distort.

The smalls, labels are usually about 2 - 3'' to allow for cutting

Most others will be for 5 or 6 inch cards

I have started to include the name of the FONT.  I love fonts !!
And use daFont  FREE !

Fonts are very easy to install these days in the newer versions of windows.  Wonderful fonts, that can be used as embellishments.

The  challenge below was done entirely with FONTS, including the background.