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Sharing some of my acquired tips

Document folders - Colouring card - handmade appearance
I have found several uses for these - one is and I think it's one of Joanna's Sheenes is to cut the document so it's left with just one folded side.
Spray with cosmic shimmer or any of the Perfect Pearls,  use card slightly larger than you intended finish and just dip and squish it,  allow to dry - try not to over wet.  DON'T throw away any pigments that are left, just keep added

The card will of course be quite wet,  put between clean paper and leave 'pressed between heavy books' until completely dry - I've been fortunate to get this right and it hasn't stuck to the card.  Cut & trim the card to size

Previously made & dried
A mixture of
Cosmic Shimmer
Sticky Fingers
Perfect Pearls
Moon glow

Document folder slit bottom & side
Spray & add pigments - use up any scrapings from lids or palettes
 Place card stock on top, press or fold over the top of the plastic document wallet.
Keep moving around soaking up pigment and add more
 First sighting, when opened
Use up any pigments you have, particularly useful when the spray bottles have stopped giving a fine spray.
DON'T throw away the wallet, just keep adding, but allow to dry.

Wait until card is slighly damp and place between clean paper and dry out under weights (i.e. book shelf)

Always make them larger than required, since the outside edges might have finger prints & gives a better finish

Finished card :)

Document folders - Make your own card bags, any size
Make sealed bags or card bags to size, you'll need a soldering iron and items that are heat proof:

I use a glass cutting board to run the hot soldering iron along (also I can see what I'm cutting) and under just a piece of old white board with my sizes marked on it.  Handy to make sealed bags or just the right size.

Extra  Hint:  try looking for document folders that are clear rather than some that a opaque ... just keep an eye out, even in the same piles on shop shelves!

Laminating machines  Christmas they make excellent little calendars(front) & whiteboard markers (rear) in A4 size  Handy if you have large numbers in mind!