Graphics proggies

I do have several videos on youtube if you are interested in graphics.  Paint shop Pro (PSP) is probably the easier of the two market leaders, the other being Photoshop.  Since I've always used PSP, I have found it rather tiresome to try and relearn another programmes and besides which PSP is much cheaper

PSP can be downloaded and tried for a month.  It will be frustrating at first if you have never tried a graphics programme.  There is a large online community providing graphics and tutorials just for a 'google' search

I covered several aspects of a few graphics programmes, in the video bar at the far bottom on the blog page.

Paint.nett can be downloaded for FREE

Page Plus, although really a publishing programme, ideal for making whole cards and will lay out for you to see front, inside left, inside right and back without having to use brain gymnastics, can so some degree be used as a graphics programme, since it is able to rendered backgrounds to transparency. 

Transparency, give you an opportunity to place a background behind you main image, depending on the programme it might be a plain and simple colour or template, others like Paint Shop Pro allows you design and make your own, one advantage being you can 'clone' the colours from the main graphics to made a background, either plain, patterned or variegated.

Imaged you wanted to layer several colours, rather than matting and layering which adds weight & bulk to your card, this can be down simply using a graphics programme, stacking one on top of the other, with the advantage of cloning colours from the main image.

This will take you back to a blog page, illustrating the use of digital images, transparency and what can be achieved within a graphics programme  HERE